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“Diligence Makes Soil Fertile.” 2017 IEEE Fellow Prof. Faa-Jeng Lin

IEEE recognizes Prof. Faa-Jeng Lin’s extraordinary contribution to int..
As we walked into Prof. Faa-Jeng Lin ’s office, we saw that his office was bright and clean, a.....

NCU Alumni New Year Greetings in the Year of Golden Rooster

NCU Alumni New Year Greetings of 2017 lively began. The Mayor of Taoyu..
National Central University (NCU) held the NCU Alumni New Year Greetings of 2017 after the Chinese N.....

Indonesian Cultural Day 2017 Difference doesn’t set us apart!

Mr. Hsu (the 4th from the left), Vice President for International Affa..
In the early March, the NCU Indonesian Cultural Day was held in the lecture hall, and about a thousa.....

A Milestone of NCU Basketball: Women’s Team Elevated to Class A in University Basketball Association

NCU Women’s Basketball Team was elevated to Class A in UBA, setting a ..
Established for nearly 40 years, NCU Women’s Basketball Team was ranked the fifth in Class B o.....

The Philosophy of Taking a Detour──Prof. Chien-Ting Lin

Prof. Chien-Ting Lin from the English Department has recently won the ..
As an omnivorous reader, Prof. Chien-Ting Lin always cares about the marginalized groups and their h.....

The Pride of Taiwan! The “Dynamical Biomarkers Group” Led by NCU Will Contend for the XPRIZE World Championship

The “Dynamical Biomarkers Group” has developed a home diagnostic syste..
The “Dynamical Biomarkers Group” led by NCU includes elites from academic, medical and i.....
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