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A Decade of Accomplishment: NCU Lulin Atmospheric Background Station Leads to Join AMNet

The Environmental Protection Administration collaborated with NCU to e..
The science team of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at NCU has established an atmospheric mon.....

The Unconventional Beijing Opera Amateur Club Wishes NCU Great Prosperity and Fortune

Blessing from Heaven is a performance given by Beijing Opera Amateur C..
For celebrating the 101th anniversary of National Central University, “Beijing Opera Amateur C.....

NCU Collaborates with German Brand Festo: Fostering Future Talents for Industry 4.0

NCU signs a MOU with German company Festo. Left: President of NCU Jou ..
NCU signed a memorandum of understanding with Festo, German leading brand of industrial automation, .....

2016 Indonesian and Vietnamese Cultural Day Celebrates Multiculturalism

The PPI NCU-Taiwan celebrated the “Indonesian Cultural Day” in early M..
The PPI NCU-Taiwan celebrated the annual Indonesian Cultural Day at Grand lecture Hall of NCU in ear.....

100 MVP Managers: Eight EMBA Students of NCU Awarded

Organized by Manager Today, the 8th selection of 100 MVP Managers 2015..
In the 8th selection of 100 MVP Managers 2015 organized by Manager Today, eight EMBA students of Nat.....

Learning Chinese Tungether: A Clever Mix of Hakka and Mandarin

 NCU Language Center organizes teaching activity “Learning Chinese Tun..
During every April and May, petals of Tung flower fall like snowflakes. In order to let foreigners e.....
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