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  Title Unit Dates
矩陣視覺化:新世代探索式資料分析 Department of Mathematics 2018-04-12~2018-04-12
Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering 2018-03-19~2018-03-30
Library 2018-03-14~2018-04-08
Library 2018-03-14~2018-04-08
A Magic Trick Department of Mathematics 2018-03-23~2018-03-23
Graduate Institute of Statistics 2018-03-22~2018-03-22
Counseling Center 2018-03-12~2018-04-30
Science Education Center in College of Science 2018-03-12~2018-03-31
Faculty Position in Hydrology/Climate-Change Adaptation Graduate Institute of Hydrological and Oceanic Sciences 2018-03-09~2018-04-30
【Course】2018 Spring Term Start on Mar. 19th.OPEN to APPLY!! Language Center 2018-03-01~2018-05-31
Large Galois images for Jacobian varieties Department of Mathematics 2018-03-22~2018-03-22
Urgently! NCU, Taiwan needs a postdoc who is familiar with Deep Learning and its tools. Department of Electrical Engineering 2018-02-21~2018-04-30
Faculty Positions in Department of Mechanical Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering 2018-01-15~2018-03-24
Notifications for Overseas Freshman Students Registering for the second Semester of the Academic Year 2017-2018 at National Central University Registrar Division 2017-12-20~2018-03-31
Notifications for Overseas Current Students Registering for the Second Semesterof the Academic Year2017-2018 at National Central University Registrar Division 2017-12-20~2018-03-31
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