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Research Positions at National Central University in Taiwan
Published on:2017-07-20         Unit:College of Earth Sciences

Research Positions at National Central University in Taiwan


We are inviting applications for 2-3 open positions for research staff and post-doctors to work at "Center of Advanced Model Research Development and Application (CAMRDA)" at National Central University (NCU) in Taiwan.


Successful candidates will conduct research on “Next Generation Groundwater, Watershed, and Surface Water Modeling System.” These positions will begin by June 2017.


The candidates should have a PhD degree specializing in groundwater and surface water hydrology, computational fluid dynamics, soil mechanics, environmental chemistry, biochemistry, computer sciences, or applied mathematics. Related experience in thermal-hydraulics-mechanics-chemistry (THMC) processes modeling and modeling framework development would be a big plus. The successful candidate will add to the expertise in our focuses in developing next generation groundwater, watershed, and surface water computational models. Candidates with strong background in one of the following would be preferred: (1) enhancing coupled models of multiple phase flow, thermal transport, reactive transport, and geo-mechanics in multiple scale subsurface media; (2) developing coupled models of hydrological and biogeochemical cycles in watersheds of integrated multimedia; (3) performance safety assessment, risk assessment, and uncertainty analysis; (4) THMC application modeling and support; and (5) Highly proficiency in FORTRAN, and Familiar with Visual #, Visual C++, Visual basics, Java, or other programming language .


To apply, please submit a vitae and statement of research interests in electronic files, and also arrange for three letters of recommendation to be emailed to””with cc to”” Screening of applications will begin immediately, and the search will continue until all positions are filled.


Last updated:2017-07-20