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Research Assistant in Prof.Akon Higuchi's Laboratory
Published on:2017-08-15         Unit:Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering


Position: Research Assistant

Location: National Central University, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, Higuchi Laboratory

Requirements: 1. Average English communication ability (with TOFEL or TOEIC scores will be excellent). 2. Basic cell and biology laboratory research technique (e.g. cell culture, immunostaining, PCR, etc.)

Job starts at/duration: September, 2017 (long term hiring depends on the ability and performance of the candidate)

Salary: NTD 36,050 for research assistant (Master Degree)

Bonus: Based on performances evaluated by the PI.

Job Description: The Higuchi laboratory focuses on stem cell purification, expansion, and directed differentiation on synthetic biomaterials. Experience with basic biological experiment techniques such as cell culture, immunostaining, and PCR are required. Candidate with previous experience in culture and analysis of human ES and iPS cells are welcome. Average English communication ability is required of the candidates, and the candidates will be interviewed in English by Dr. Higuchi. Candidate accepted for the job is expected to start his/her work from September, 2017 and long time hiring is preferable, but will depend on the ability and performance of the candidate.

For those interested in the job please contact:

1.Dr.宋子承 at e-mail:

Phone: (03) 422-7151 ext: 34254

2.Ms.李幸芬 at e-mail:

Phone: (03) 422-7151 ext: 34257

3.Ms.陳上琳 at e-mail:

Phone: (03) 422-7151 ext: 34257


To be considered for the job, please e-mail your CV as a PDF file attachment to the contact above. Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Time 2017-08-15 ~ 2017-09-30
Last updated:2017-08-15