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To announcement the adjustment of dormitory beds in the 2nd semester of 106 academic year.
Published on:2018-02-12         Unit:Campus Life Assistance Division


National Central University Students No. 1071210012

Subject:  To announcement the adjustment of dormitory beds in the 2nd semester of 106 academic year.

Basis:      According to Article 8 of Regulations for Student Dormitories


1.      Acceptance of Adjustment Application

(1)   Time: 09:00-17:00, from March 2 2018 to March 16 2018, except the lunch break starts from 12:00 to 13:00 (except for holidays).

(2)   Place: Office of Student Dormitory Service (1F of International Student Dormitory)

2.      Moving Procedure

(1)   Time: 9:00-19:00 every day in 3 days from the next day of the application date. Those failing to move within the deadline are regarded as giving up the adjustment.

(2)   Place: Reception Room of each dormitory

3.      Application Procedure:

(1)   Fill out Bed Adjustment Application Form (Download online in Forms at the website of Office of Student Affairs or pick up the Form at Office of Student Dormitory Service).

(2)   Please make application within the application period with your student ID and the application form and dormitory fee payment certificate (downloaded from portal) at Office of Student Dormitory Service. In addition to the application form and the applicant’s student ID, the delegate shall submit a letter of delegation and his (her) own student ID.

(3)   After the application is approved, the applicant shall move within the moving period. If the dormitory fee of the adjusted bed is higher than the original one, the applicant shall pay for the differences first. If less, the refund will be returned after all the procedures are completed.

4.      Principles of Adjustment

(1)   Bed Exchange: Both boarders exchange beds with each other.

(2)   Filling up vacancies: To move to the room with vacancies. Please refer to the dormitory management system (website: for more detail regarding vacancies.

5.      Instructions:

(1)   After the application for adjustment is approved, the original bed will be opened for inquiry. If the applicant intends to cancel the adjustment, please make application at Office of Student Dormitory Service before the end of moving time to ensure his (her) personal rights.

(2)   When moving out, please check the cleanness of the room and the property and equipment of the room with the dormitory supervisor and return the key (access card) before moving into the new room.

Campus Life Assistance Division, Office of Student Affairs 

Last updated:2018-02-12