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Faculty Positions in Department of Electrical Engineering
Published on:2018-02-26         Unit:Department of Electrical Engineering

 Department of Electrical Engineering, National Central University

Faculty Position Openings

The department of Electrical Engineering, including four teaching and research groups, at the National Central University currently has 35 faculty members, 397 undergraduate students, and 335 graduate students. The department is inviting applications for faculty positions at all levels (professor/associate professor/assistant professor), and applicants with the following expertise are welcome.

For Integrated Circuits and Systems Group

(1)   Design of Intelligent Electronic SystemsAIEDAMultimedia and Communications

(2)   Internet of ThingsSensorSystem and circuit design

(3)   Emerging Electronics

For Solid State Group

(1)      Microwave, millimeter wave, terahertz devices and circuits

(2)       Novel materials and devices

(3)      Photonic-integrated circuits. 

(4)      Sensors.

(5)      Power devices and circuits.

For System and Biomedical Engineering Group

(1)   artificial intelligence

(2)   intelligent robot

(3)   pattern identification

(4)   application of big data

(5)   power electronics

(6)   smart grid

(7)   microgrid

For Electromagnetic Waves Group

(1) Microwave Circuits and Antennas)

(2) RF, microwave, and millimeterwave integrated circuit and system designs

(3) Numerical Electromagnetic Analysis

(4) Electromagnetic Compatibility

(5) Microwave Remote Sensing

(6) Radar System


Required application materials include:

1.    A cover letter specifying the position to be applied for, as well as the applicant’s academic expertise.

2.    A resume including the applicant’s education background, research achievement, research interests, publication list, and teaching interests.

3.    Photocopies of degree certificates and transcriptsincluding undergraduate and graduate degrees

4.    Photocopies of major publications and abstract of PhD thesis

5.    Autobiography

6.    Two reference letters

7.    Any other helpful materials


Application Deadline2018.03.31


Please send the application to:

Chairman, Department of Electrical Engineering

National Central University

300, Jhonda Road, Jhongli 32001, Taiwan, R.O.C

Tel: +886-3-4227151#34567 (Ms. Ching-Mei Ho)

Fax: +886-3-4255830

E-mail: (Ms. Ching-Mei Ho)


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