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Last updated::2015-08-25    



Popular Century-old University, National Central University Celebrates 100 th Anniversary


Nominated as the most popular century-old university by Daily View, National Central University celebrated its 100th anniversary on June 6th. The event invited esteemed elites and talent, as well as universities sharing roots in both Taiwan and China. During the celebration, stimulating videos, talk shows and a remix of the NCU song were brought on stage to celebrate the glory of the past century.

The event invited guests of honor from industry, government and academia, former presidents and distinguished alumni, the NCU Foundation and the NCU Alumni Association. In addition, 17 sister universities from China and Hong Kong were invited, including Nanjing University and Southeast University sharing the same roots, and were personally presided over by the presidents.

NCU President Jou, Jing-Yang offered his thanks to the guests from afar and expressed his hopes for NCU to continue progress towards a first class university of humanistic care. He also encouraged NCU students to cultivate happy, confident inner energies, show respect and care for others, serve selflessly for the transcendence and improvement of oneself.

The centennial celebration ceremony offers praise to the three distinguished alumni of this year, US Angstron Materials Co. CEO Bor E. Jang (Physics alumnus), Tung Pei Industrial General Manager Chen Wen-Jie (Mechanical Engineering alumnus) and ILITEK Director Huang Gi-Mo (Electrical Engineering alumnus). The three alumnidedicated themselves to pushing for industrial technology innovations and have made tremendous contributions to the country and society.

The celebration was brought to a climax by the crosstalk performed by Wu Zhao-Nan Talk Drama Society. For the finale, an a cappella group of students performed a remixed version of the NCU song and the performance stressed tradition, elegance and the solemnity of the NCU university. Towards the end, guests were invited on stage to sing together, leaving a beautiful chapter of memories for the 100th anniversary celebration.

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