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Last updated::2016-07-06    



Learning Chinese Tungether: A Clever Mix of Hakka and Mandarin

 NCU Language Center organizes teaching activity “Learning Chinese Tun.. NCU Language Center organizes teaching activity “Learning Chinese Tungether”, allowing foreign students to learn Mandarin through Hakka culture. Photos show students displaying painted Hakka oil-paper umbrellas. Photos provided by NCU Language Center

During every April and May, petals of Tung flower fall like snowflakes. In order to let foreigners experience the beauty of Taiwanese local customs, the Ministry of Education entrusted the Language Center of National Central University to organize “Learning Chinese Tungether,” an activity that combines the cultural meanings of Hakka Tung Flower Festival with language teaching, hoping to attract more international students interested in Chinese language learning to come to Taiwan.

A series of diverse activities started in mid-April at NCU including dancing, music, opera, drama, handcrafts…etc. There were Chinese teachers introducing the culture of different communities’ language, aboriginal groups giving singing and dancing performances, Hakka opera, and foreign students performing traditional Taiwanese songs such as “Small Town Story” and “Whispering Hope”. The musical starring foreign students of NCU Chinese Language Program introduced Taiwanese food, clothing, habitation and transportation. It was evident that both teachers and students greatly valued this activity and were very well-coordinated.

Events in the afternoon took place in a beautiful local garden in Toayun City. Having professional masters’ thoughtful preparation and instruction, students experienced water-grind rice milk, Lei-cha and mochi, and painted blank oil-paper umbrellas. Soon enough, blossoms of beautiful umbrella flowers bloomed in the students’ creativity.

“Participating in this activity made me realize that ‘Hakka’ isn’t just a word, but a whole new world,” says Haitian student Inhelder Bedard Lee Herby Brutus emotionally. Languages open doors to the world, build bridges that lead to cultures of numerous countries. Teaching language is opening doors and building bridges, allowing students to see the world of diversity, and head for a more splendid future!

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