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Last updated::2016-07-27    



A Decade of Accomplishment: NCU Lulin Atmospheric Background Station Leads to Join AMNet

The Environmental Protection Administration collaborated with NCU to e.. The Environmental Protection Administration collaborated with NCU to establish the “Center for Environmental Monitoring and Technology,” which was inaugurated in June. Photo by Chu Yun-hsuan

The science team of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at NCU has established an atmospheric monitoring station at the altitude of 2,862 meters on Mt. Lulin in Yushan National Park since 2006. For 10 years, this team have been monitoring background state of atmospheric pollutants and accumulating rich results. Because of this team’s achievement, Taiwan became the first country in Asia to join the Atmospheric Mercury Network, AMNet.

The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) entrusted NCU to organize the Fourth International Symposium on Atmospheric Observations and Advanced Measuring Techniques in Remote Areas and the 2016 Atmospheric Mercury Monitoring Workshop. Meanwhile, the inauguration of the Center for Environmental Monitoring and Technology was also held.

Various notable guests were present, including Dr. Lee Ying-yuan, minister of EPA, Robert W. Forden, vice director of American Institute in Taiwan, and Tran Duy Hai, representative of Vietnam Economic and Cultural office in Taipei, all acknowledging NCU’s contribution to atmosphere and mercury monitoring. The center is helpful to the understanding of present conditions of air pollution and is greatly beneficial to the collaborations on regional environmental monitoring.

Minister of EPA Lee Ying-yuan said that Lulin Atmospheric Background Station has become the best monitoring station in East Asia, a world-class exemplar. With the help of modern technology, the station resembles a clairvoyant guarding our environment. And then, it shares data with countries in the region, making an effort for the planet and creating a better living environment for mankind.

Principle investigator of the project, Distinguished Professor Lin Neng-huie of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at NCU, leads the research team. They have collected considerable data on various atmospheric and environmental parameters, including atmospheric mercury, in the past ten years. The data is helpful to many countries’ research on and prevention of mercury pollution. In addition, with the monitoring technology as advanced as that of advanced countries, the team is highly valued by various institutes and organizations including NASA.

.. Reaching its tenth anniversary of foundation, Lulin AtmosphericBackgro.. Reaching its tenth anniversary of foundation, Lulin AtmosphericBackground Station is the most indicative world-class air quality monitoring station in East- Asia. Photo provided by Wang Sheng-hsiang.