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Last updated::2017-06-14    



Winner of the 2017 President Educational Award-Lee Tzu-chieh

NCU new graduate Lee Tzu-chieh is awarded the President Educational Aw.. NCU new graduate Lee Tzu-chieh is awarded the President Educational Award of 2017. PHOTO: Lee Tzu-chieh

Though having inherited rare disorders Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS), the NCU new graduate Lee Tzu-chieh fights bravely against the disorder with love and faith. She has overcome numerous difficulties in her life and earned Bachelor’s degrees in both Mathematics and Computer Science. In 2017, she received the President Educational Award for the second time, and will be invited to the awards ceremony at the Presidential Office Building in July.

In her book Tailor-made Baby, Lee Tzu-chieh with her love for life narrates her life story. When she was one year old, she was diagnosed with MPS IV. With the disorder, Lee is petite, her bones are undergrown, and she is physically challenged because of bent and deformed limbs. Lee had undergone operations for many times; such experiences somehow helped her overcome fears and challenges. She spends her spare time going on speech tours, inspiring people to live the best of their lives and hoping to “impact their lives with her own life.”

Lee as a versatile person is especially talented in and has a penchant for painting. Her paintings were displayed in art exhibitions in Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall and NCU. Her colorful paintings appeal to dreams and hopes, encouraging everyone to embrace bravely ups and downs in life and transmitting positive power to people.

During her study at NCU, Lee had excellent academic performance and earned two Bachelor’s degrees. Moreover, she was recommended and was admitted to studying Master’s degree even before her graduation. She never skipped any class, always sitting at the first row because of her height. Lee always recorded the lectures and repeatedly reviews what she learned after class. Her diligence in learning is widely admired.