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Last updated::2018-01-09    



Multi-culture, multi-fun!


The English Multicultural Camp held by Language Center of NCU began this summer. The participants not only improved their English proficiency, but also experienced cultures around the world. All activities are held under the beautiful NCU campus!
Many international students were involved in the event. Graduate students from Gambia and Indonesia were among the most enthusiastic participants. Diverse cultural activities allow students to acquire knowledge about cultures around the world, with special focus on Southeast Asian and African cultures. English is indeed a tool for cultural communication. Participants dived into multicultural activities wholeheartedly.  Prathap Black P, a world-renowned yoga teacher from India, amazed the participants with Ayurveda and the yoga experience. Every evening during the Culture Café, the Live Cooking Show presented by the international students was indeed a multi-color and multicultural feast.
The last two days of the camp were the moment for the participants to present what they had learned. With the field trip in Daxi, the participants introduced the local customs and the cultures of Daxi to the international students. The highlight of the camp was the creative English cultural performances presented by all participants. 


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