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Last updated::2018-01-09    



Volunteers in Sri Lanka


In the summer of 2017, National Central University International Volunteering group took their foot toward Sir Lanka, they conquered the language barrier, during the summer camp, the volunteering group used their specialization associating with acting, dancing and painting to inspire the children to learn how to respect the distinct culture as well as to get along with the people having different background.

Most of the participant is from the middle school, due to the lack of educational resources, the volunteers combined the course with multiple activities, hoping to motivate the children’s interest on learning and enriching their imagination about the world. At the same time, the volunteers also arranged a series of activities for the locals to recognize the Taiwanese culture via transitional snacks, costumes, and recreations.  

On the last day of service, all the volunteers and the students waved the Taiwanese national flag and sing the song “Touch Your Heart” together. “Even Sir Lanka is not as developed as other countries,” Yu-Chuan Chen from the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering said, “but that is without a doubt that seeing how the locals live their lives with freedom and satisfaction, how they treat the others with honest and sincereness is the most precious lesson of the trip. Most important, they always have a smile of gratification on their face.”


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