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Last updated::2018-01-09    



NCU’s “Sharing Eco” Project: The Winner of the Green Competition Camp 2017


The Green Competition Camp 2017 under Cross-Strait Green University Consortium was held in Nanjing University (NJU) from August 24 to August 30. The teams from National Central University (NCU) stood out and swept the board with First Prize, Merit Prize, and Best Graphic Design Prize in the competition.

The Smart Trash Can with AI Sorting and Recycling

The four members of the champion team are Wang Hsin-I from the Department of Optics and Photonics, Chen Rou-Jyun and Lee Ching-Yu from the Department of Information Management, and Lee Wan-Yu from the Department of Hakka Language and Social Sciences. The team was supervised by Dr. Chen Szu-Yu, Associate Professor of the Department of Optics and Photonics. The initiative for launching their prize-winning project “Sharing Eco” was to start waste sorting and recycling on campus, and they wish to further influence the whole society.

The smart trash can, the core of “Sharing Eco,” adopts multiple technologies. As users throw a variety of recyclable waste at a time, AI can identify and classify accordingly every piece of waste and sort the waste with robotic arms. Every team member contributed their talents to the team. Apart from the first prize, they also won the Graphic Design Prize which was elected by all teams in the competition.

The Smart Garbage Truck combining QR code and an Incentive Mechanism

“The Smart Garbage Truck” project of NCU won the Merit Prize. With the supervision of Dr. Wang Ming-Cheng, Associate Professor of the Department of Economics, students including Shih Yung-Hsin, Yang Jia-Lin, and Lin Jo-Ying from the same department brought up the concept “Smart Garbage Truck,” which was to apply AI technology to combining QR code and an incentive mechanism on garbage trucks. The project aimed to implement waste sorting as well as to promote a brand new concept by doing such beneficial waste recycling.

With a series of lectures on environmental issues in one week, the competition camp probed into the concerns and effects of environmental protection measures in different cities. In addition, with various activities such as practicing environmental protection, participants from three regions may interact with each other, broaden their views, build up friendships, and play actively the roles in promoting environmental protection and practicing the idea of Green home.



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