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Last updated::2019-07-17    



Promising the Future of Quantum Computing: NCU Faculty’s Accomplishment in Quantum Photonic Chips Leads to a Publication in Science

Head of the DOP Dr. Yen-Hung Chen (right) and Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. .. Head of the DOP Dr. Yen-Hung Chen (right) and Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Hung-Pin Chung (left) were holding the latest developed quantum optic circuits. The research outcome was published in world’s top international journal Science.

The revolutionary quantum computing technology is going to take a lead in the new era of ultra-high speed computing, not only expediting the advance of scientific researches but also creating a vast market potential. An international team of researchers from National Central University (NCU), the Australian National University (ANU), and Oak Ridge National Laboratory of the United States collaboratively built the first quantum system capable of efficient transmission and detection of information encoded in quantum light using a novel metasurface camera lens. This significant research result was published in the top ranked journal Science in September 2018

Dr. Yen-Hung Chen, Chair of the Department of Optics and Photonics (DOP), and Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Hung-Pin Chung have devoted to the field of quantum photonic sources and devices for many years. The efforts have been made and contributed to the realization of several quantum optical ideas including the interesting demonstration of a potential architecture attempting to link quantum computers to an optical fiber network as conveyed in their report published in Science in September this year. The security, speed, and information volume of the quantum network transmission are what traditional optical fiber networks cannot achieve. Dr. Chen said that the next challenge will be the technology enabling the integration of versatile quantum components/devices in a photonic circuit chip, if realized, the application of quantum devices and systems will be more practical and be able to go into the thick of life. Dr. Chen thanks the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and the Center for Astronautical Physics and Engineering (CAPE) under the Higher Education Sprout Project of NCU for the full support of these important researches.

Nowadays, scientists are applying quantum computing technology to various areas such as perfect secrecy communication, artificial intelligence (AI), big data processing, new pharmaceutical development, and precise forecast, providing information transmission with higher fidelity and speed. Such cutting-edge technology as quantum computing has not been commercialized nor popularized, yet the prominent research breakthrough in quantum photonic technology as reported in this Science article will definitely make a great contribution to boosting the development of quantum computers.

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