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Cultural Workshop—calligraphy and seal carving

On the evening of March 17, a Cultural Workshop organized by Student Ambassador of National Central .....

National Central University and Kagoshima University’s International Exchange on Regional Revitalization

The "International Virtual Exchange Conference on Regional Revitalization" was co-organize.....

NCU International Students-Cultural Immersion-One Day Tour in Jiufen

The Gold Museum represents Jinguashi’s culture and the history of gold..
It was a bright and cheery morning, the student ambassadors couldn’t wait to share the breatht.....

Warm Welcom from NCU: Orientation was held by Overseas Chinese Students Association

The orientation held by the NCU OCSA made the overseas Chinese student..
The Overseas Chinese Students Association of National Central University (NCU OCSA) held the annual .....

Ripples in the Pond of Magnetic Field Reconnection

Figure. New magnetic reconnection phenomena occurring at the interface..
Background   The majority of the visible matter in the Universe consist of charged particles.....

NCU Won the First Prize in the BioASQ, the International Biomedical Artificial Intelligence Contest

The NCU team members are the NCU alumnus Mr. Jen-Chieh Han (right) and..
The NCU team, consisting of members from the Intelligent Information Service Research Lab of the Dep.....
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