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NCU International Students-Cultural Immersion-One Day Tour in Jiufen

The Gold Museum represents Jinguashi’s culture and the history of gold..
It was a bright and cheery morning, the student ambassadors couldn’t wait to share the breatht.....

Ripples in the Pond of Magnetic Field Reconnection

Figure. New magnetic reconnection phenomena occurring at the interface..
Background   The majority of the visible matter in the Universe consist of charged particles.....

New Scenic Hot Spot in Chungli City—NCU Inaugurated “Tin-Song Observation Deck”

Tin-Song Observation Deck, the newly constructed observation deck near the front gate of NCU, has be.....

As Epidemic Stablizes, NCU Will Loosen Body Temperature Screening on Campus as of June 1

Photo 1. As the domestic epidemic stabilizes, starting from June 1, vi..
As the domestic epidemic stabilizes, National Central University (NCU) is gradually loosening its e.....

To Cover Nepal with Love: Collaboration between Center for Media and Social Impact of NCU and Taipei Awakening Association

The Center for Media and Social Impact of National Central University ..
During the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to our country’s successful “mask diplomacy,&r.....

Fearless when Faced with the Pandemic, NCU Exhibits Its Diversity and Creativity

The site of the graduation ceremony of NCU in the 108th academic year ..
As the pandemic of COCID-19 rages around the globe, National Central University (NCU) exhibits creat.....
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