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Activated the Latest but Delivered the Earliest—NCU Mission Accomplished: The Scientific Payload on FORMOSAT-5

Carrying the “Advanced Ionospheric Probe” (AIP) developed and produced by NCU, FORMOSAT-.....

Volunteers in Sri Lanka

In the summer of 2017, National Central University International Volunteering group took their foot .....

Multi-culture, multi-fun!

The English Multicultural Camp held by Language Center of NCU began this summer. The participants no.....

Plowing Deep in the Field of Earthquake Studies, Kuo-Chen Hao Flipped His Life

Associate Professor Kuo-Chen Hao from the Department of Earth Sciences..
Kuo-Chen Hao, winner of the Ministry of Science and Technology’s Wu Ta-You Memorial Award 2016.....

The Collapse of the Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica: The CSRSR Simultaneously Grasps the Climate Change

Assistant Professor Tseng Kuohsin from the Center for Space and Remote..
The Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica has recently undergone huge iceberg collapse. Using data from E.....

Winner of the 2017 President Educational Award-Lee Tzu-chieh

NCU new graduate Lee Tzu-chieh is awarded the President Educational Aw..
Though having inherited rare disorders Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS), the NCU new graduate Lee Tzu-chi.....
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