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Plowing Deep in the Field of Earthquake Studies, Kuo-Chen Hao Flipped His Life

Associate Professor Kuo-Chen Hao from the Department of Earth Sciences..
Kuo-Chen Hao, winner of the Ministry of Science and Technology’s Wu Ta-You Memorial Award 2016.....

The Collapse of the Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica: The CSRSR Simultaneously Grasps the Climate Change

Assistant Professor Tseng Kuohsin from the Center for Space and Remote..
The Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica has recently undergone huge iceberg collapse. Using data from E.....

Winner of the 2017 President Educational Award-Lee Tzu-chieh

NCU new graduate Lee Tzu-chieh is awarded the President Educational Aw..
Though having inherited rare disorders Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS), the NCU new graduate Lee Tzu-chi.....

Taiwan and the U.S. in Collaboration Strengthen the Mercury Monitoring Network in the Asia Pacific Region

Delegates and professionals from different countries participated in t..
Entrusted by the Environmental Protection Administration Taiwan (EPAT), NCU hosted the Sixth Annual .....

National Intercollegiate Athletic Games of 2018 at NCU

NCU President Dr. Jou is waving the flag of NIAG, announcing that NCU ..
National Intercollegiate Athletic Games (NIAG) of 2018 will start from April 28 to May 2 in 2018 on .....

NCU Women’s Volleyball Team The Two-time Champion of University Volleyball League of 2017

NCU Women’s Volleyball Team participated in the 2017 UVL and became th..
NCU Women’s Volleyball Team participated in the University Volleyball League (UVL) of 2017. As.....
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