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“We Shall No Longer Wait!” Dr. Lee Yuan-tseh on Climate Change

The Yu Chi-zhong Lecture Series of 2016 invited the Academician Dr. Le..
At the Yu Chi-zhong Lecture Series of 2016, NCU invited Dr. Lee Yuan-tseh, the Nobel laureate in Che.....

NCU Performs Well in the Best Global Universities Rankings

In the 2017 Best Global Universities Rankings announced by the U.S. News & World Report, NCU is .....

View from Tea & Life Aspects—Tea-Tasting Activity for Foreign Students

Foreign students experienced the smell of Oolong tea and Bi-Lo-Chun (G..
At convenient stores or tea-drink stores, we can buy a variety of tea drinks, such as black tea, gre.....

Exploration of Science Education IPST of Thailand Visited Taiwan

SMTAT visited JSHS of NCU, exploring Taiwan science education. Photo p..
In the early October, IPST (The Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology), whi.....

The Birth of the First “Yunus Prize” Winners in the Promotion of Social Business

The team “Fabric-lous Life” won the championship of the first Yunus Pr..
To promote Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr. Muhammad Yunus’ idea of social innovation and social.....

The NCU Team was the Biggest Winner of the 16th Macronix Golden Silicon Awards

The NCU team, the golden award winner of the application group of the ..
This July, with the supervision of Dr. Wang Wen-june, Professor of Department of Electrical Engineer.....
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