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The Pride of NCU—Glorious Academic Honors and Awards

NCU Honors : National Professorship and Academic Award from the Minist..
NCU faculty receives academic honors and awards one after another in the year of NCU’s centenn.....

“Reading of Tomorrow” Program in Taiwan—the New Trend in Reading Spreading over Singapore

 The educational delegations from Singapore exchange with Prof Tak-Wai..
The “Reading of Tomorrow” program conducted by Dr. Tak-Wai Chan, Professor of the Gradua.....

IESD program of NCU Is Awarded Excellence in Postgraduate Program Accreditation

IESD program at NCU was founded in 2003, and 63 students from 18 diffe..
International Environment Sustainable Development (IESD) program of NCU is awarded excellence in the.....

NCU Satellite Image Calendar “Trace of Life”—A Witness of Our Land

The pictures in the 2016 Satellite Image Calendar “Trace of Life”: the..
“Trace of life” means the traces left by creatures’ biological activities on earth.....

International Arts Festival—Indian Festival “Diwali” on NCU Campus

Students make a gorgeous pattern (Rangoli) with hundreds of flower pet..
To encourage international communications and to make Taiwanese students learn more about foreign cu.....

Master Li Tian-Lu’s French Disciple Jean-Luc Penso Exhibits His Puppetry Collections in Taiwan

Jean-Luc Penso, the French disciple of Taiwanese Master puppeteer Tian..
Jean-Luc Penso, the first French disciple of Taiwan’s national treasure puppeteer Tian-Lu Li, .....
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