Embrace your talent and enthusiasm (Use career cards in activities) first ladder

Release Date: 2021-09-02    Unit: Career Center
Session 1. Embrace your talent and enthusiasm The first ladder (11/04 (Thursday) 18:00~21:00, 3 hours in total)

Our courses are specially designed for university students, suitable for students who are exploring or feeling confused about their career development. You can experience the use of career card tools to explore future ambitions and directions in the lecture, and plan for the next four years of university.  Youth is a book that is too hasty, time flies, if you choose to grasp it, then every one you read will be too exciting to let it go.

Clarifying values ​​is a necessary path in career. Graduate students are welcome to sign up for this series.

Lecturer: Teacher Li Yifang
  • Chief Executive Officer of Four Seasons Career Development Institute
  • Ministry of Labor Employment Consultation Professional Supervisor, Career Consultant
  • Full-time of Century Think Tank Management Consulting Company
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Taipei Medical University
Learning Content:

    1. Career development in college
    2. Know yourself
    3. Exploration tool: career card experience
    4. Be your own life designer

※For the sake of the quality of the event, this session is not suitable for too many students, so on-site registration will not be accepted.
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