NCU Events
Job (Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering  /  2020-08-13)
Job Faculty Positions in Graduate Institute of Human Resource Management, National Central University, Taiwan (Graduate Institute of Human Resource Management  /  2020-08-06)
Admin. Notice on Student Dormitory Network Management for 2020 summer vacation (Computer Center  /  2020-06-18)
Job Faculty Positions in Department of Mechanical Engineering (Department of Mechanical Engineering  /  2020-06-12)
Admin. Notification of School Enrollment for the First Semester of Academic Year 2020-2021 for (Registrar Division  /  2020-06-11)
Admin. To announce the application for not extending the stay at the dormitory in the 1st semester of 2020. (Student Housing Service Division  /  2020-06-03)
Admin. The application of 109 school year pass for the students of PhD and on-the-job training program (General Service Division  /  2020-05-22)
Admin. 2020 Semester Summer Temporary Dormitory Accommodation Application for New Postgraduate Students. (Student Housing Service Division  /  2020-05-22)
Admin. From August 26, 2020 , cleaning up the abandoned vehicles (General Service Division  /  2020-04-29)
Admin. Dorm emptying and relocation plan announcement for the BM Dormitory in 2020 academic year (after September) to carry out renovation work project. (Student Housing Service Division  /  2020-04-20)
Job (Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering  /  2019-12-10)