NCU Events
Act. (Department of French Language and Literature  /  2021-02-26)
Job Faculty Position in Finance Department of Finance, National Central University (Department of Finance  /  2021-02-26)
Job (Office of Physical Education  /  2021-02-26)
Speech Accelerating Particle Physics Discovery with Artificial Intelligence (Department of Physics  /  2021-02-24)
Admin. To announcement the adjustment of dormitory beds in the 2nd semester of 109 academic year. (Student Housing Service Division  /  2021-02-23)
Job Department of Electrical Engineering, National Central University Faculty Position Available (Department of Electrical Engineering  /  2021-02-20)
Speech Efficient Simulation for Portfolio Credit Risk (Graduate Institute of Statistics  /  2021-02-20)
Speech DotFAN: Domain-Transferred Face Augmentation Network (Department of Mathematics  /  2021-02-09)
Job Faculty Positions in Department of Mechanical Engineering (Department of Mechanical Engineering  /  2021-02-04)
Admin. Notice on Student Dormitory Network Management for 2021 Second Semester (Computer Center  /  2021-02-03)
Job Open Faculty Positions in Department of Mathematics, National Central University (Department of Mathematics  /  2021-02-02)
Act. 【Course】2021 SpringTerm Start on Mar.24 OPEN to APPLY!! (Language Center  /  2021-01-07)
Job Faculty Positions in Graduate Institute of Applied Geology (Graduate Institute of Applied Geology  /  2021-01-04)
Admin. Notification of School Enrollment for the Second Semester of Academic Year 2020-2021 (Registrar Division  /  2020-12-14)
Admin. Announcement renovation plan for public area and relocation plan for the 14th Women’s Dorm during the summer vacation in 2021. (Student Housing Service Division  /  2020-11-23)