NCU Events
Admin. Announcement renovation plan for public area and relocation plan for the 14th Women’s Dorm during the summer vacation in 2021. (Student Housing Service Division  /  2020-11-23)
Job Faculty Position in Hydrology/ Land-Sea Processes/ Coastal and Nearshore seas (Graduate Institute of Hydrological and Oceanic Sciences  /  2020-11-17)
Act. ODF'20 in 2021 Final call for papers (Department of Optics and Photonics  /  2020-11-17)
Admin. Dorm emptying and relocation plan announcement for the 13th Men’s Dorm in 2021 summer vacation to renovate the bed work project. (Student Housing Service Division  /  2020-11-11)
Job Faculty positions for Life Sciences, NCU (Department of Life Science  /  2020-10-26)
Act. 【Course】2020 Winter Term Start on Dec. 17 OPEN to APPLY!! (Language Center  /  2020-10-20)
Job Open Faculty Positions in Department of Mathematics, National Central University (Department of Mathematics  /  2020-10-07)
Admin. To announce to pick up the air conditioner cards subsidized for top floored student dormitories in 2020 and its instructions. (Student Housing Service Division  /  2020-09-17)
Act. ODF20 in 2021 final call for papers Announced (Department of Optics and Photonics  /  2019-08-01)