Preparation and career planning before the master's program

Release Date: 2021-09-02    Unit: Career Center
Session 5. Preparation and career planning before the master program (12/09 (Thursday) 18:00~20:00, 2 hours)

The most praised lectures by students in 2020 are here again~ According to the questionnaire survey, more than 60% of the undergraduate students of our school choose to continue their studies. Entering the master's class is another challenge in life. How to be adequately prepared and efficient The completion of a master’s degree is an inevitable topic. What does the so-called adequate preparation actually include? We will share with you in this lecture.

Lecturer: Teacher Zhang Tiehuai (Post-doctoral researcher at National Taiwan University, Design Thinking Cross-domain Talent Cultivation Program of the Ministry of Education)

Learning Content:
  • Why go to the master class
  • Domestic Master Class
  • Foreign Master Class
  • Reading plan, English ability, logical thinking ability
  • Other required capabilities

※The questionnaire for this event must be completed on 12/10, 12:00 noon, in order to be included in the hourly statistics list.
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