Negative thinking, reversing and winning. The psychologist teaches you to change your mind scientifically -Additional opening-

Release Date: 2021-09-02    Unit: Career Center
Session 7. Negative thinking and reversal to win. The psychologist teaches you to change your mind scientifically -Additional opening-(12/23 (Thursday) 18:00~20:00, 2 hours)

We have specially designed courses for juniors and graduate students. Happiness is fully related to life. In the future, students will face another stage of development such as exams, research, and work. They will be aware of themselves when they encounter setbacks and difficulties. Return to enthusiasm and self-confidence to spend the first half belonging to young people. The purpose of this lecture is to help students rethink about happiness/unhappiness. Real happiness is often hidden in unexpected places.

Lecturer: Teacher Su Yixian
  •     Full-time clinical psychologist at Chuse Psychotherapy Institute
  •     Special education team of the Ministry of Education concurrently serves as clinical psychologist
  •     Special Lecture of Hsinchu City Lifeline Employee Assistance Center
  •     Member of the Public Relations and Policy Committee of the National Federation of Clinical Psychologists Association of the Republic of China

Learning Content:
  •     Emotion management is actually brain management
  •     How do negative thinking and emotions arise?
  •     Coping with negative brains: NG articles, common ineffective methods
  •     Coping with negative brains: OK chapter, a more effective scientific method of changing thoughts
  •     Practicing articles: starting from your troubles, let's practice together

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