What a science and engineering graduate student should know

Release Date: 2021-09-30    Unit: Career Center

This time, we will give another lecture about college admissions for students of science and engineering. In January 2022, many seniors should have obtained the admission qualifications of other domestic and foreign universities. Some students are preparing for graduate school exams. This lecture will help everyone. Lay a good foundation and add new inner strength methods, welcome juniors and above and students who are studying in our school's graduate school to sign up.

In 2020, the most well-received topic by students, entering the master's class is another challenge in life. How to make adequate preparations and complete the master's degree efficiently is an inevitable topic.

What does the so-called adequate preparation actually include? We will be in Share with you in this lecture.

Lecturer: Chen, Szu-Yu,Associate Professor, The Department of Optics and Photonics (DOP) at National Central University

Learning Content:
  •     Why study in graduate school
  •     The industry needs the ability of graduates from the Institute of Science and Engineering
  •     The learning mentality of graduate students in science and engineering
  •     How to spend a full research career
  •     Q&A
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