Notice on Student Dormitory Network Management for 2023 Winter Vacation

Release Date: 2023-01-06    Unit: Computer Center

1.Services of dormitory network administrators in this semester will end on 11:30 am, 1/13. For those who want to use dormitory network during the winter vacation, please register the account first from 13:30pm, 1/16.

2.The Internet activation code is necessary to use dormitory network during winter vacation.

3.Accounts registered in last semester will be deleted (including your room number, IP address, Mac). People who want to use dormitory network during winter vacation should register again.

4.The Internet activation code for last semester can be used until the end of this winter vacation. And the Internet activation code for 2022 second semester will be open for online electronic payment purchases from January 16th at 13:30pm, and the hard copy of activation code will no longer be provided.

5.The internet activation code for 2022 second semester is fully purchased by online electronic payment method, please pay attention to the following precautions:

 (1).Native students or foreign students who have a NCU Portal account:
    Please register your accout on dormitory network website from 13:30 on 1/16, and then purchase the activation code through the online electronic charging method. IF the payment is correct, the dormitory network website will automatically deliver the activation code.

 (2).Short-term users who do not have a NCU student ID, please go to the NCU Portal website to apply for a NET-ID account. After the NET-ID is authenticated, log in to the dormitory network website with this account to register the information, and then go through the electronic payment procedure.

 (3).Users who wish to receive e-payment SMS notifications should pay attention to the following precautions:
   (a).Have a certified mobile phone number on the NCU Portal website.
   (b).The authorized dormitory network website can obtain the mobile phone data on the NCU Portal.
   (c).If the payment is correct and the activation code has been delivered, the dormitory network system will send a SMS notification.
   (d).The SMS notification function is a trial policy, and will be revised according to the actual use situation.

6.Users who move into a new dormitory should first connect to the dormitory network website through other external networks to register the relevant accommodation information, and then they can obtain the assigned IP and related network settings.

7.Chinese New Year: January 20th to January 28th is the vacation time of the network management. During the Chinese New Year period, you can still apply for repairs on the dormitory network system, but the network management is not obliged to deal with it immediately, and all maintenance matters will be carried out after the year.
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