05/13-06/30 Book exhibition on health

Release Date: 2024-05-06    Unit: Library
With the rise of food delivery and streaming platforms, it's tempting to remain indoors and inadvertently gain weight. This lack of control over our body weight can diminish our confidence in facing life's challenges and leave us winded by simple tasks like walking from the front door to the back. Moreover, conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and strokes can gradually infiltrate our lives.
Despite the overwhelming number of rapid weight loss methods available recently, the true solution lies in sustaining a healthy lifestyle. The ultimate formula is straightforward: diet and exercise. This book exhibition is dedicated to helping readers uncover the fundamentals of diet and exercise, assisting each individual in finding a health regimen that best fits their needs, thereby fostering a more dynamic and healthier life.

This event also features a lucky draw. Students who read the displayed books and write reviews with over 60 words online during the book exhibition will have a chance to win one of three sets of electronic skipping ropes.
You can view the book list and write your review here. (Click over the according words to get to the website)
This event is organized by National Central University Health Division and library.

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