Full-time Data Analyst position at the Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research / Taiwan Polar Institute, National Central University (NCU)

Release Date: 2024-05-22    Unit: Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research

We are seeking a dedicated Data Analyst to join our team as a National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) project specialist. The successful candidate will work on NSTC-funded research projects, including "Decomposing ice flow dynamics of the Greenland Ice Sheet and Arctic glaciers using multiple satellite observations and statistical learning” and "The Arctic Joint Research: Transdisciplinary study on the mechanisms and environmental impacts driven by accelerating warming in the Arctic area." We welcome those interested in polar and cryosphere research, scientific data analysis, or open science to join the CryoSensing Team at National Central University.


Your Responsibilities: 

Analyze and visualize polar remote sensing and in-situ data for academic and scientific communication purposes.

● Help build and operate the open database hosted by the Taiwan Polar Institute.

● Participate in the meetings and task assignments of the Taiwan Polar Institute, with opportunities to engage in field research at the Taiwanese and Polish polar research stations in Svalbard.



Master's degree or higher.

Proficiency in data analysis using programming languages (no specific language is required, but Python is preferred).

Ability to communicate verbally in Chinese or English (both languages are used in the work environment).

Ability to write documentation or technical reports in English.

Non-Taiwanese nationals are welcome to apply, and assistance with work permit applications can be provided.


Job Specifications, Salary, and Benefits: 

36-40 work hours per week with flexible daily working schedule. The work location is the Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research at NCU. Partial remote work can be discussed if needed. Monthly salary starts at NT$48,920 (candidate with Master degree) based on the NCU “Guidelines for the Management of Industry-Academia Collaboration and Continuing Education Personnel.” Salary is paid monthly, and the year-end bonus is 1.5 months. A two-year contract is guaranteed, with a possible extension based on work performance and project funding. The extra term will be reviewed annually. All other terms and conditions are handled according to the NCU “Guidelines for the Management of Industry-Academia Collaboration and Continuing Education Personnel.”


How to Apply: 

Please send the following documents to (Whyjay Zheng - CryoSensing group, National Central University) with the subject “Application for Data Analyst position at CSRSR/TaiPI, NCU”: 

Curriculum vitae

Personal statement (less than 0.5 pages, describing personal background, motivation for applying, and other relevant information)

Programming/data analysis portfolio (optional, but advantageous for review)


Qualified applicants will be notified for an interview. Your application documents will be deleted after the recruitment process is completed.

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