Driving the Past 100 Years with Single-minded Intent, Global Alumni Members Make Concerted Efforts

Posted on: 2015-02-09    

Grateful to their university , Chairman of NCU Alumni Association Yu-Woei Lin and over hundreds of alumni members initiated the “Driving the Past 100 Years with Single-minded Intent” donation program to call for donations from alumni members distributed around the world. A donation of NTD two thousands from each member, roughly a day’s earnings, will contribute up to a total of NTD 100 million donations for the development of the university.

As initiators, both Chairman Yu-Woei Lin and Vice-Chairman Zan Yao-Yu took the lead in donating NTD ten thousands, and other committee members followed suit. Chairman Lin expressed that the aim of this event is to promote the program and attract alumni members to participate. Lin also thinks that as alumni members graduate, they not only come away with learning knowledge that will last a lifetime, more importantly, they also gain a group of lifelong friends.

University President Jou is especially grateful to the donation initiated by the Alumni, and he hopes that all faculty will spare no efforts to support the dreams of the alumni, striving towards the goal of building a more glorious century-old NCU.

Donations collected may be invested in university funds, the educational research fund general building, sports building project, NCU celebration event series and other designated purposes. Hopefully local and foreign alumni members will continue to offer their support. Donation services: http://give.ncu.edu.tw/web

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