Leading the Trend: NCU Pioneers in Education for Sustainable Development

Posted on: 2023-02-20    

National Central University (NCU) stands out in education for sustainable development. In 2022, NCU won the National Sustainable Development Award in the field of education awarded by the Executive Yuan, one gold and two silver medals of the Asia-Pacific Sustainability Action Awards (APSAA), and the award of Excellence in the University Social Responsibility awarded by the CommonWealth Magazine.

“NCU has always been one of the earth-friendly universities, working proactively on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and taking actions to respond to the zero-emission policy. We expect to reach 50% of carbon neutrality by 2030 and 100% by 2050 To achieve this goal, we have installed various solar-powered devices on campus. Now the electricity generation capacity by solar power is more than 3,700 kWp, and we plan to increase extra 250 kWp in one year,” said President Dr. Jou Jing-Yang.

In the past years, NCU has established the Research Center for Sustainable Environmental Technology (RCSET) and other centers and has been devoted to technologies and research in the field such as environmental protection, carbon reduction, and green energy, building the campus into the hub of research and development for sustainable technology. NCU also develops interdisciplinary courses and discipline clusters in sustainable development; in 2022, 747 SDGs-related courses were available for students to choose from. Furthermore, NCU works with Kagoshima University in Japan, opening micro-courses on sustainable development to cultivate the professional skills of students at both universities.

Currently, NCU is working on establishing the very first Graduate College of Sustainability and Green Energy in Taiwan, offering master’s and doctoral degree programs on decarbonization technology, green energy, and sustainability leadership to cultivate talent in those fields. In addition, NCU will conduct university-industry collaborations to develop up-to-date sustainability technology to achieve the goal of net zero.

Photo by Tsai Pei-Lun

Photo by Tsai Pei-Lun
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