NCU Launched the First Festo-sponsored Industry 4.0 Smart Factory in Taiwan

Posted on: 2019-10-24    

To embrace the upcoming era of Industry 4.0, the Department of Mechanical Engineering at NCU and Festo Corporate, a prominent industrial automation company based in Germany, signed a cooperation agreement and held an unveiling ceremony for the “Joint Training Center for Smart Manufacturing Talent” in October 2019. It is the first joint center with the functions of education, training, and research in Taiwan, strengthening and implementing the cultivation of local talent for smart manufacturing.

Festo Corporate, established in 1925, is a crucial corporation in promoting industry 4.0 in Germany. Festo serves as a leading supplier of automation technology in the world; in addition, it is also one of the very few prominent corporates in the world that have independent departments of education and training. “The establishment of ‘Festo Smart Factory’ on the campus of NCU will give NCU a leading role in intelligent manufacturing around the world. We look forward to achieving the goal of ‘knowledge transfer’ at universities in the future,” stated Mr. Yi-Lin Xu, General Manager of Greater China at Festo Corporate.

 “In the past few years, we have faced the issue of smart machinery strategy in industry upgrade. NCU has been actively promoting cross-disciplinary education and research of smart manufacturing and has been building teaching and research laboratories in focused fields of study. The achievement was outstanding. We will soon introduce the curriculum module of industry 4.0 developed by Germans and work with faculty members in fields including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, and management to co-develop the interdisciplinary curriculum on smart manufacturing that meets the local industry’s demand. By doing so, we could cultivate our students and local industries’ advanced R&D talent,” stated the President of NCU, Dr. Jing-Yang Jou.

Pioneering in the era of Industry 4.0 and taking the lead in building the platform for talent cultivation and innovative research application, NCU is the first university in Taiwan introducing Industry 4.0 teaching equipment sponsored by Festo.

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