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NCU Top 10 Sights

Posted on: 2021-06-07
Top 10 Sights

Zhongda Road
NCU Gatehouse has a laudatory title--“Arch of Triumph at NCU.” Zhongda Road is the straight boulevard from the security room at the main gate to the Arch of Triumph at NCU. Between spring and summer, the scenery of flaming kapoks in blossom expressing the brilliance of life is splendid. The sunny kapok boulevard signifies the passion and vitality of NCU. It also embodies the expectation for NCU students to seek knowledge positively and to welcome their beautiful future.


Four Treasures of the Study
The renowned “Brush, Ink Stick, Paper and Ink stone of NCU” are the sceneries at the entrance of NCU. The sceneries utilize the different heights of terrains and combine nearby buildings, embodying the imagery of the four treasures of the study. The green garden with the plants cut into the word shape of “NCU” is the ink stone. The Monument of the Reestablishment of NCU in Taiwan is the high-rising brush. The security room opposite to the monument resembles an ink stick, and the administration building with its outer wall designed as hollow squares is the Xuan paper with nine squares painted on it.


Lovers' Path
Lovers’ Path is the pine-tree path along the public road surrounding the campus and its length is about 2 km. Because its width allows only two people to walk side by side, NCU students gave it a nickname as “Lover’s Path.” When you walk on the path and listen to the breeze, you would find that whispers of the breeze blowing through pine trees are just like whispers of lovers. The pine fruits spread on the path are the beautiful souvenirs from our memory of youth. Singing in the morning or wandering in the moonlight on the path, we are always drenched in a romantic college atmosphere.


Green Lawn
Green Lawn is a selfless medium of life cultivating the natural and humanistic harmony. On Green Lawn, you could listen to the conversations between book pages, grasses and leafs, you could also see the laughter of kites and Frisbees. In front of the hall of the Department of Earth Sciences stands an elegantly-shaped and fully-figured giant banyan tree. This banyan tree resembles the symbol of Cathay Life Insurance very much, and that is why it is called “Cathay Tree.”

Tai-Ji Statue
Taiji Statue is located on the lawn beside the College of Liberal Arts. It is the work of Ju Ming, contemporary master of sculpture. “Taiji” is the work from his early series, and it contains the essence of traditional Chinese culture. It is the most symbolic humanistic scenery at NCU and also a pleasant resort for students and citizens to spend their leisure time.


Turtle Fountain
The fountain in front of Dormitory No. Nine has a nickname--“Turtle Fountain.” The splashing fountain, like a blossoming flower, creates shining ripples in the sunshine. In the middle of the fountain pool, groups of turtles enjoy the sun bath leisurely. Every time when students are celebrating a male student’s birthday, this place is the best place for the students to throw him into the water and give him an unforgettable birthday memory.


NCU Lake
NCU Lake, which was built through imitating the design of Xuan Wu Lake at Nangjing University, has a beautiful view. Waves and ripples drift on the surface of the lake; willow catkins cast their shadows by the lake. The arch bridge in the distance and the pavilion at the center of the lake are like two spots of ink in the lake. The nearby forest of Acasia confuse adds a touch of serenity. Every day we can see tourists sitting on the dock chatting to each other and feeding fish. We can also spot wild ducks and swans playing happily with each other. People and animals enjoy together in and by the lake the pine trees, breeze, water and the moon.


Hundred Blossoms Brook
Hundred Blossoms Brook is a diversion channel originating from Taoyuan Main Ditch and flowing through NCU campus. It is the site where NCU students have to pass through every day. Laughter of the students and the sound of the water flow heard on the paths along Hundred Blossoms Brook are a pleasant part of school memories. The brook flowing between flowers seems to be encouraging students to enjoy colorful sceneries during their journey of learning and harvest rewarding experiences.百花溪

The grand and magnificent libraries have a rich collection of books, and they are just like palace halls of knowledge lying in the pine forest. Behind NCU General Library lies green and white Zhong-Zheng Library with a collection of video and audio materials. Various exhibitions of arts are also held in Zhong-Zheng Library. Another institute with a collection of books is Guo-Ding Library whose exterior design is based on the shape of the Chinese character “tripod,” and it is also a special landmark at NCU.

Female Dorm Square
The square in front of Girls’ Dormitory No. 14 is a convenient passage. People could feel the comfortable atmosphere when walking on the windy square. The splendid decorations of lights around the square quietly deliver NCU students’ warm wishes during the Christmas week or special festivals like the anniversary of the founding of the university. When night is falling, lovers could be constantly spotted leaning against and confiding in each other around the square. It is a square filled with romantic atmosphere.
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