Posted on: 2021-06-08
Main Library

Founded in June 1969, NCU Library now mainly has three buildings: the Main Library, Zhong-Zheng Library, and Kwoh-Ting Library and Archives.

The Main Library, close to the Front Gate, is situated behind the Administrative Building. It has 8 floors and a basement; readers have access to local and foreign newspapers, magazines, periodicals, and various book collections. The library is equipped with more than 1000 study desks; there are also 17 study rooms for reservation. Themed books and art work exhibitions regularly take place on the first floor and the basement respectively.

For the Main Library, Audio Visual Center, and its services, see Opening Hours.

Tel:【Information Desk】03-4267127 or internal extension 57429
Email: cirlib@ncu.edu.tw

Zhong-Zheng Library

Behind the Main Library is the Zhong-Zheng Library (a.k.a. Old Library), locating at the heart of the campus according to its original plan. The Audio Visual Center is on the second floor (from South Entrance/Art Center), offering media materials for viewing or borrowing. From the East Entrance, students can access to the Study Center.

Tel:【Audio Visual Center】internal extensions 57410, 57430/
【Study Center】internal extensions 57429

Kwoh-Ting Library and Archives

Dedicated to our distinguished alumnus Mr. Kwoh-Ting Li, the Kwoh-Ting Library and Archives collects and exhibits personal documents from Mr. Li and many research materials of Taiwan's economic development from 1950 to 1990.

Tel: 03-4267295 or internal extension 34779, 57416
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