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Posted on: 2021-06-08
Art Center

Art Center is located on 1st floor of Zhong-Zheng Library, which was designed by a honorable alumnus, Chi-Kuan Chen. Now there are exhibition room, art creative spaces, reading room, and culture storeroom. Art Center display exhibitions with 3 running schedules every semester, well-known artists will be invited to share their creative ideas. We build up a variety of art and cultural communication occasion for school staff and the public in Taoyuan, in order to promote and foster art and cultural literacy. Also, Art Center organizes performances, movies, art and cultural lectures, art visits, and various extension courses.

Opening Hours (Exhibition Room): Mon. to Sat. 10:00~17:00 (till 19:00 on Weds)
Tel: internal extensions 57195, 57182
Email: ncu7195@ncu.edu.tw

NCU 107 Cinema

NCU 107 Cinema is located on 1st floor of humanities and social sciences building, and it is the first exclusive cinema in campus of Taiwan with the seating capacity of 95 and professional audio-visual equipment, in order to promote film art and education. In 2003, the film culture study room in Department of English established the cinema, and Art Center has taken over the cinema since 2014. 107 cinema displays theme film exhibition and featured film projecting. In addition, we occasionally invite directors or film critics to share different experience of film appreciation by taking audiences into a secret world of close-ups.

Tel: internal extensions 57183
Email: ncu7195@ncu.edu.tw

Black Box Theatre

The Black Box Theatre is on the first floor of the Humanities and Social Sciences Building, next to 107 Art House Cinema. Performances usually take place in semesters.

Tel: internal extension 57195
Email: ncu7195@ncu.edu.tw
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